This website is providing you with the services you secretly always needed. Someone who solves all your confusions while purchasing the gadget you are spending a chunk of your savings on? Exactly that. Gadget shopping is not easy, and they knew it. So here to come at your savior, So Nerdy will help you through it in multiple ways. Let’s know a bit more about their revolutionary idea.

About them.

This website is a very new thing to the world of the internet, established in the year 2020. They host websites to address all your tech problems at one destination without having to spend hours on multiple websites and futile internet results of nothing but confusing, promotional, and biased content. Everything in between the company promotions and real-life utility is found here. They primarily cover the topics of latest gadgets, gaming, computing, guides, products, mobile reviews, and their domain reaches even further. All that they bring to the table are results of spending hours on research to answer the most asked questions of the majority of the tech consumers.

Website Called So Nerdy

You too can be a part.

Does this venture sound interesting to you? Do you want to be a part of this too? You can become one.

Going through their website you will realize how enriched and optimum quality they maintain for their content. They constantly try to ensure that their image of best quality reviews and opinions stays intact for them among the users, to keep them engaged and interested. So if you want to be a part of So Nerdy, here are some guidelines you must follow.

  • Your work should reflect the research you’ve done or are claiming to have done. Aimless scribbling is considered unprofessional and unacceptable both to the website and to the audience. Try to stuff it with as much useful information as possible.
  • When you’re covering a topic, your word limit should at least cross 1000. Because the topic is interesting enough, nothing less than 1000 can neither be written nor can induce interest in the readers.
  • Unique is what they are seeking. Unique ideas are the only genre ideas entertained here because you already have ample mainstream content on the internet.
  • To make the topic unique, you do not need to step completely out of the box and find a topic that doesn’t match the website’s line of business. Relatability is a major thing.

This website is very prospective and promising, so both being an audience or an associate of it will help you to a huge extent. Hence, next time you are going to purchase your gadget or are searching for a tech brand to join, you have the best option to choose from!